A Mision for Michael
Case Study.

Project Mission

A Mission for Michael wanted to improve net new leads per quarter for all digital channels, with emphasis on overall web traffic, organic traffic, and paid advertising.

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A Mission for Michael Treatment

Commercial business licensed to research, develop, and marketing various pharmaceuticals.



Increased the Monthly Visit



Decreased the sites bounce rate



6 Months

As shown in the charts, dramatic increase which equalled dramatic results. ’nuff said.




6 Months

As shown in the charts, dramatic increase which equalled dramatic results. ’nuff said.


We Helped market A Mission for Michael's Vision

First we had an in depth conversation and strategized the best possible direction for Geo to put themselves into. We believe that what a company dreams, a company should make. Our discussions set path.

The strategies we set together, led to a 185% increase in site visits and a huge decrease of 75% less of a bounce rate!

How we accomplished A Mission for Michael's Goals

With time and practice we’ve developed the perfect SEO strategies to place any business type’s SEO rankings at the forefront of their respective market. Once again we put these strategies to work, with superb results.

What Riverwalk Ranch needed was a stronger placement in the market. We produced content that provided this, along with improved SEO.

The Results and A Mission for Michael's improved ROI

We focused on giving GEO’s market the content they desired, then aimed this content at the correct marketplace.

SEO brought the users and the content provided longer user visits. Which lead to higher conversion rates.

Window cut digital marketing costs in half while increasing lead generation. The landing page design is aesthetically pleasing and facilitates new business. They’re communicative, honest, and reliably deliver tangible results with greater efficacy than other vendors.

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