-75% Cost Per Click

Spencer Recovery wanted better ppc results and to generate more inbound leads from paid search. When we started with Spencer Recovery Centers, they were directing paid traffic to their outdated website and it was not converting. Their ad campaigns were structured poorly and the keywords were broad. Window To Recovery offered an inclusive solution to address all of the issues, and the results speak for themselves.

Cost Per Click
As you can see conversion rates increased dramatically from one year to the next without increasing ad spend. The cost per click was drastically decreased while conversion rates improved.

Conversions: Q1 :2018 vs 2019


Spencer Recovery Needed A PPC Overhaul

When we first met with Spencer Recovery we identified many problems with their ad copy, landing pages and more.

Spencer Recovery was sending paid traffic to their outdated website


Pay Per Click

Web Design


We helped Spencer Recovery Change Their Paid Media Approach

We created new landing pages and implemented single keyword ad groups so that we could match our messaging with user intent and deliver a better user experience while highlighting USPs of their business.

The landing pages and better account structure resulted in 13x more conversions.


Improved ROI

We were able to make the campaigns significantly more profitable and save them money using our proven methods.

The landing pages we built proved to be a better fit for users and it resulted in more of them calling, ultimately bringing in more revenue for SRC.

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