Our Team

Meet The Team

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Preston Powell


Preston is a talented digital strategist turned entrepreneur. He manages ad accounts and develops software to make marketing tasks easier. Proficient in web development tech stacks and analytics. Preston loves digital marketing and has 7 years experience creating campaigns that drive revenue. If you have a minute to catch up with Preston, it is obvious that he LOVES marketing. He spends most of his time off researching new and innovative search marketing strategies.

Sean Wolf

Director of SEO

I honestly don’t even know what to say about Sean. Sean likes to sing in the office about random stuff that sometimes doesn’t even make sense(video coming soon). All jokes aside, Sean is a master of SEO and also a talented web developer. Sometimes he opens up a command prompt and nobody has any idea what he is doing, but it always seems to work. As Director Of SEO, Sean is always coming up with innovative strategies to keep you ahead of the competition.

Ara Bedelian

Director of Web Design

Ara works on landing page design, UI/UX design, and CRO. Ara loves supercars and he once won a landing page design competition so we rented him a blacked out Lamborghini Huracan and some guy told him he looked like Batman. Ara works hard and takes pride in what he produces.

Trevor Gage

SEO Manager

Trevor is a results oriented beast of a marketer! He has a graduate degree in integrated marketing and is always blowing our mind. He is very organized and gets more done in one day than three mortals. Everyone loves working with Trevor because he is hardworking and subtly hilarious. Trevor won the office arm wrestling competition, it wasn’t even close (true story).

Nick Chaus

Director of Content Writing

Nick is the internets finest content writer and is a huge baseball fan that is probably qualified to play in the majors. He plays softball and get invited to tournaments all over the country. Nick works half the time in Orange County and the other half in Utah. Nick is also a father and family man.