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Rehab Marketing 2019: The Comprehensive Guide

Remember the days of advertising your treatment center in your local phonebook? Have you ever thrown up a late-night infomercial with the hope the right people will see it?

Those forms of addiction treatment marketing don’t really work the way they used to. In fact, they may not even work at all.

Rehab patients are online. They’re actively looking for a solution to their problem. And they’re likely doing so while they’re on their phone or laptop.

Instead of hoping the right clients see your ad, you can put yourself in the right position so that you know that the right clients will find you.This means your advertising budget will be money well spent.

Rehab marketing is something that you need to do to keep patients coming in. But that doesn’t mean you know how to do it.

We know, we know. If you want to start marketing for your rehab center, it can be like diving into the deep end with a pool full of sharks.When you don’t know what you’re doing it’s easy to lose money. There are different ways to market your center, and with terms like SEO, PPC, CPC, CPM, etc., it can be hard to distinguish what will work best for your business.

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We’re proud to say that we’ve handled quite a few drug rehab marketing campaigns in our time. We’ve learned some things.

Want to know how you can get qualified leads to your rehab center without depending on old advertising methods? Want to execute a system that will produce a positive ROI for your business. Of course you do!

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Strap in, sit tight, and we’ll show you how you can consistently add new patients, explode your revenue, and grow your center with these drug rehab marketing strategies.


If you’ve used Google before (and you have) SEO (search engine optimization) was at play. To put it as simply as possible, search engine optimization is the process of acquiring traffic through the search engine.Unlike PPC (which we’ll get to shortly), you do not pay the search engine (Google) for the traffic. You must create an environment where Google identifies your website, recognizes that you’re a relevant website, and puts you at the top of the page for the keyword you’re trying to target.

SEO • What to Know

SEO isn’t a scam.
You may or may not have had some unscrupulous characters attempt to cold call you while promising that SEO would make gold fall from the ceiling and all your wildest hopes and dreams would come to fruition. Doesn’t quite work like that. However, let us tell you, SEO is a great way to get targeted traffic to your rehab center, and (if done right) can act as a dependable channel to increase the revenue of your center.  

SEO does take some time.
Unlike PPC (which delivers near-immediate traffic), SEO does take some time to get moving. But once it does…

SEO is well worth it.
We don’t make promises, but a listing on the first page for a search term like “rehab center near me” can mean some very good things for your business.

That’s the basics, but let’s go a bit deeper.


SEO • Here’s What Matters

SERPs. While “SERPs” kind of sounds like a secret military division in a 1980s action flick starring Kurt Russell, we assure you that it’s relevant to your addiction treatment marketing. “SERP” stands for Search Engine Result Pages, and it’s the results you see when you type a search term into Google. The goal of any treatment center marketing campaign is to be at the top of the SERPs. The companies at the top get most of the traffic, which means they get all the gold. Our rehab marketing agency helps treatment centers be on page 1, not on page 10.

Keywords. The keyword is the search term you want to rank for. For example, “best addiction rehab center” is a keyword that someone’s who’s on the hunt for a rehab center might use. Understand that not all keywords will bring the same amount of traffic, nor will they require the same amount of effort to rank for. For the sake of your rehab marketing strategy, you will want to conduct some thorough research to ensure you’re targeting the right keywords.

On-Page SEO. On-page SEO is simply the practice of properly setting up your website so that it’s recognized and ranked by Google for whatever keyword you’re targeting. Things like your content, headlines, photos, captions, page speed, and user experience will all play a role in your on-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO. This is what you do outside of your website to get Google to recognize and rank your website. You influence how Google perceives your site with backlinks from “authority” websites that link back to your website. These backlinks act as a signal to Google that your site can be trusted.

The Verdict on Seo

As a highly skilled rehab center marketing agency, we put all of this together into a neat, hyper-effective game-plan that will propel your website from online purgatory where no one knows your business exists to the big leagues where you’re winning a high quality of new rehab clients each week.


Pay-Per-Click is an advertising model that displays your ad on the SERPs for a keyword of your choice. You pay the search engine each time someone clicks on your ad. PPC can be an excellent way to advertise your treatment center.

Quick side note: Google has recently required all rehab centers to be certified with LegitScript if they advertise on their platform. To qualify for LegitScript, you need to hit certain compliance standards, which can be found here. If you don’t qualify for the certification, you can advertise with Facebook or Instagram.

PPC • What to know

PPC works on an auction system. You are essentially competing with other advertisers to get shown for the keywords you’re targeting.

PPC can hit much faster than SEO. Don’t get us wrong, SEO is great, but as we said before, it can take some time to get moving. With PPC, you’re paying the search engine for clicks, so traffic is more immediate.

PPC is not for the gun-shy. Because you are paying the search engine for traffic, you can spend a pretty penny (especially if you have no idea what you’re doing). PPC, though great, isn’t a miracle solution, and you will need some time and resources for it to pay dividends. The benefits of hiring a team like us to handle your addiction center marketing plan is that we eliminate the learning curve and fast-track you to success. When the strategy is tuned-in, PPC can easily be a bargain.

PPC success depends on conversions. When someone sees and clicks on your ad, but it doesn’t mean they’ll sign up for your services. They could very well click your ad, see your site, and never think about your business again. This is natural, but you want to convert as many visitors as possible. By not focusing on conversions, you’re basically burning money each time someone clicks your ad. We’ve seen many businesses give up on PPC prematurely without optimizing for conversions.

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PPC • Here’s what Matters

Just like SEO, you will target keyword to snag a spot on the SERPs. Because it’s an auction system, some keywords will be far more expensive than others. For example the keyword “ best rehab center” can be viciously expensive if you don’t have deep pockets. But if you were to pursue other keywords “best alcohol rehab center in ___” it could be less pricey and more effective for who you need to target.

To advertise for a keyword, you must bid for it. To get the top spot on the SERP (above the organic SEO results) you will have to bid more than your competitors. The bid is where many advertisers make or break their campaign—when you compete for keywords that are out of your budget’s league… you’re going to be in for a bad time.

A conversion is made when a visitor takes a desired action. This desired action could be a number of things: a purchase, filling out a signup form, downloading a free report, or something totally different. To get your campaign off the ground, you need to track conversions. Platforms like Google and Bing make it incredibly easy to track your conversions, and you will be able to see what works and what doesn’t as the campaign runs. For you to maximize results, you want to fine-tune your campaign to accumulate conversions as efficiently as possible. As a rehab center marketing company, we conduct thorough tests that are designed to get the best possible result for your campaign.

Let’s say someone visits your site without making that final conversion you want. Instead of letting that visitor drift into the the wind, you can retarget that visitor with ads as they browse other websites. This is a powerful tool, and it’s a significant advantage over other marketing methods. For example, you can target someone who visited the site but didn’t fill out a sign up form. Or you can target someone based on the amount of time they spent on your site. There are many options with remarketing, and you can get really granular with the way you target.

The Verdict On PPC

PPC, when properly executed, can be a fast way to get targeted traffic through your doors. But if you lack experience, it’s best to hire a rehab marketing team to handle your campaigns.

The Verdict PPC

PPC, when properly executed, can be a fast way to get targeted traffic through your doors. But if you lack experience, it’s best to hire a rehab marketing team to handle your campaigns.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is the optimization of your site for a local audience. For example, pursuing a keyword like “Dallas, TX rehab center” is a local search term. The goal is to acquire site visitors who live in that geographic area.

Local SEO • What to Know

Local SEO is targeted.
Because your business has a physical location, you cannot hesitate to neglect local SEO. Pursuing geographic keywords will connect your site with people who are most likely capable of entering your rehab program, while generic search terms like “best rehab center” will provide visitors who live far from your treatment center.

Local SEO can be easier to rank (in some cases).
Because you’re not chasing those monster keywords that everyone nationwide is targeting, you stand a much better chance at ranking on the first page. Of course, local competition can be fierce too, but it’s typically not as crowded as the nationwide search terms.

Local SEO is more than the search engine.
What you do outside of your website is key‒ things like off-site citations, Google My Business listings, and online reviews. Your online presence must be complete for you to dominate the local rankings.

Local SEO • Here’s What Matters

A citation is any place where your business has its NAPW (Name, Address, Phone Number, Website URL) listed. The more high quality citations you have, the better. An example of a citation would be a listing on Yelp.

Google My Business.
This is your business profile on Google. Your Google profile can be found on Google Maps, and when someone searches for “rehab center near me”, your profile may be listed. A complete profile filled with pictures, reviews, and up-to-date info will be more likely to rank near the top of the Google Maps listings.

The Verdict on Local SEO

Local SEO is about proximity (how close you are to the searcher), relevance (how related your business is to the search), and quality (having good reviews, a functioning website, a high quantity of citations, and numerous photos).

As long as you follow that simple formula, local SEO can be worth your while.

Start Your Rehab Marketing Plan Today

So, you’ve gotten pretty far in the article. If you’re still reading, you’re smart. You know you cannot depend on the now-defunct phonebook to give you new leads. You know that things like word-of-mouth is great, but there will be times when it won’t pay the bills.

You need a dependable, scalable system for your rehab center to take off. Have a system in place, and you’ll have the closest thing to a money printer.  And it all starts with the plan.

The crew at Window To Recovery can take your rehab marketing strategy from this….

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To this…

2 guys driving around with way too many stacks of money

We’re addiction treatment digital marketing specialists who will help you dominate your market.

Attempting to execute a rehab marketing strategy without experience is like trying to solve a puzzle while blindfolded: there are a whole lot of pieces to put together, and you need to know what goes where to complete the puzzle. By working with us, you eliminate the guesswork, and you’ll reap the benefits much faster than if you did it alone.

Contact us today to take your addiction rehab marketing to the next level. You’ll be glad you did.

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