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Search Marketing and Paid Social That Works.

Paid Search Ads

Dominate the paid search game on Google and Bing.

Search ads are the most powerful advertising tool that addiction treatment centers have at their disposal.

Now that centers can obtain Legitscript Certification you can run ads on Google that generate the most qualified leads possible.

Target the people that need treatment right when they are looking, search ads generate high intent leads.

We specialize in brilliant ad campaigns, landing page design, and conversion rate optimization specific to the industry.



Paid Social

Ads on social networks are a great way to get your addiction treatment center in front of a wider audience.

Running ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can bring your content in front of influencers, add to the top of your funnel,  and generate brand awareness.

Social ads are much cheaper than search ads.

We use several avenues for a comprehensive  strategy to keep your census high.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Without great design all of these strategies will underperform.

Often times treatment centers are spending $50 or more on a single click, and if you can’t convert, you can waste big money.

We create beautiful custom landing pages and lightning speed.

We ensure that your landing pages convert by A/B testing everything and ensuring they are highly relevant to your business.

Our professional design team will make beautiful creative assets that will drive conversions for years to come.

Work with a Team of Talented Rehab Lead Generation Machines

Our team can generate addiction leads of the highest quality on demand from several channels.

We have directories, the best PPC campaigns, locations generating leads across the country.

Stop paying your street marketer outlandish sums of money to get you clients that leave after 10 days.

We got in this industry to give treatment centers more ethical options, we are here to help you better serve a struggling population.

Work with the best rehab marketing agency in the world and ethically source clients that actually want to get sober. Who knows, you might actually save some lives.

Thought Leaders

Our marketing strategies have been developed through endless testing and optimization. We have learned strategies that work in an extremely tough space and believe in openly sharing these lessons with the world.

Window cut digital marketing costs in half while increasing lead generation. The landing page design is aesthetically pleasing and facilitates new business. They’re communicative, honest, and reliably deliver tangible results with greater efficacy than other vendors.

– Full Review on Clutch

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