LegitScript Certification for Rehabs

Addiction Treatment Research

Our research and experience are addiction treatmnet industry leading. We advertise on Google, Bing and Facebook using custom landing pages designed to maximize ROI.
LegitScript Certification for Rehabs


All of our services are totally in compliance with all addiction treatment marketing laws. We are a mile ahead of the competition. As a treatment provider, you can be too.

Dedication to Admissions

We are dedicated to ethically sourcing quality leads for addiction treatment centers.  We know how to target the quality and volume of drug treatment leads you need.

Why Certification is Essential

Google Ads
Legitscript Addiction Certification
Facebook Advertising

LegitScript Certification is required in order for treatment facilities to advertise on the major platforms like Google Ads & Facebook.

It is vital to be able to advertise your addiction treatment services on these platforms because these are the places where people are searching for drug treatment.

Without certification business development and future growth will be limited. No longer is LegitScript certification a convenience but a necessity to continue to survive in the industry.

Window To Recovery has helped several treatment providers get through the vetting process and obtain the addiction treatment certification. We will help you to do the same.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ethically source patients from the most powerful advertising platforms on the planet.

Once you are certified we can help you to reach the most qualified patients and direct them to your center rather than your competitors. Call us today!

There is a Solution

Rarely have we seen a facility fail who has thoroughly followed our path.

Those who do not succeed are those facilities that cannot or will not agree to our simple advertising direction, usually facilities that are incapable of growing along industry lines.

Our dedicated team is experienced in obtaining LegitScript Certification for addiction treatment providers.

Paid Search Marketing That Works

Conversion Rate Optimization
Once you have LegitScript certification we can help you to own the SERP and find the right people at the right time. With paid search ads that work you can be in control of your census. Finally!

Better Results With Custom Landing Pages

Conversion Rate Optimization
Rehab clicks can cost upwards of $50, you need to convert. When you combine industry leading ad management with conversion optimization, you create a powerful combination.

With higher conversion rates you can decrease your cost per acquisition and and go further with your spend. This will allow you to aggressively bid while improving average position.

Without custom landing pages your quality score will take a hit costing you money and acquisitions for your business.

Our landing page process and conversion rate optimization will make your PPC campaigns more profitable while allowing you to focus on client care.

Window cut digital marketing costs in half while increasing lead generation. The landing page design is aesthetically pleasing and facilitates new business. They’re communicative, honest, and reliably deliver tangible results with greater efficacy than other vendors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

We will provide free consulting to help you to become certified if you agree to work with us on your ads once you have the certification.


Do I need LegitScript Certification?

Yes, but if you don’t have it we can help you get it!


How long does it take?

Now that LegitScript is requiring a site visit it can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks. To get the paperwork in only takes a week or less.


Are there any extra charges?

Our fee is all inclusive. If it’s in the scope, it’s included.


When can I start?

Immediately. Call us when you are ready (949)335-4731.

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