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Paid Social

Drive Brand Awareness & MQL's From Perfectly Targeted Audiences

Be found on that platforms where your customers are.

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Only The Right Channels

Not All Channels WOrk For Every Niche

We have a deep understanding of the channels that drive revenue for our niches. We only utilize the channels that will drive leads and opportunities.

We only target channels that are actually driving revenue. On average this results in a 43% decrease in spend.

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The Right Ads To The Right Audience

Social advertising has presented new opportunities in the age of big data. We are able to create highly targeted and segmented audiences to present your products and services in a highly personalized manner.

We create seperate ad groups for every persona targeted resulting in more conversions and better ROI

Understand Your Buyers Journey

We use the research we did our your buyer personas and real world data  from your campaigns to optimize at every touch point. No portion of the funnel is overlooked.

We utilize data from google analytics, heatmaps & your campaigns to deliver an amazing experience to your users.

In our industry, we function on cost per acquisition. We used to average $6,000-$7,000 in marketing and advertising to get one person into treatment. Now, our cost per acquisition is $3,000–$4,000.

William Burse -Spencer Recovery Centers

“We are finally driving organic traffic to our website and using the data to remarket on social”

Project Goal

To increase brand recognition and drive sales from paid social campaigns.


PPC, SEO, Paid Social


  • Generate more organic traffic from content marketing and PR
  • Use the new traffic to create remarketing audiences
  • Use conversion rate optimization to generate more leads from site traffic


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Time on page


Increase in Inbound Leads

Our Steps to Paid Social Perfection.

Goals setting, strategize then see results



We go over business your objectives to determine how paid social can help you get there.


Audience Creation

We utilize website data, lookalike audiences and other targeting settings to develop several highly targeted audiences.



We develop different ads that are very specific to the audiences that have been created.


Data Analysis

We run the ads, collect real word data and analyze the results. We use the data to improve performance in future iterations.



Based on the results we are able to determine which ads and audiences are performing best, and further optimize for ROI.

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