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Pay Per Click Service.

Pay Per Click Advertising That Works Everytime

Window To Recovery Spends 2x more time optimizing your paid search campaigns than the competition. Our approach generates double the volume of sales qualified leads, leads that turn into revenue for your business.

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Less Wasted Spend = More Revenue

Granular Account Structure

Window To Recovery incorporates granular paid search campaign structure to understand which keywords are driving conversions. We often use a SKAG structure (single keyword ad groups) to pinpoint exactly what is driving revenue and what is wasted spend.

Granular campaign structure gives you insight into which keywords are actually driving revenue. 

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Dedicated Landing Pages

We make custom landing pages that clearly express your UVP (unique value proposition) to your customers. We are able to differentiate your brand from your competitors by focusing on what makes you different. Persuasive copy coupled with beautiful design and a clear offer generate more conversions.

What happens after the click matters that’s why we have a strategist, designer and an advertiser on each account.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the science of getting more users to perform the desired action like a from fill or a phone call. We perform regular CRO in the form of A/B testing, split testing, and multivariate testing to squeeze every penny out of your ad spend.

Our average client sees 100% increase in conversion rate in the first 3 months.

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Window cut digital marketing costs in half while increasing lead generation. The landing page design is aesthetically pleasing and facilitates new business. They’re communicative, honest, and reliably deliver tangible results with greater efficacy than other vendors.

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“We have generated more admissions from search than ever before. We have steadily increased our budget since engaging their services.”

Project Goal

To increase admissions through paid search and conversion rate optimization.


PPC, CRO, Design


  • Incorporate granular account structure and reduce wasted spend on paid search
  • Optimize landing pages for conversions (CRO)
  • Website redesign with focus on UI/UX


Decrease In Cost Per Click


Increase in Inbound Leads 


Increase in Search Traffic

Our Path to PPC Perfection.

Goals setting, strategize then see results



First we will have an in depth conversation with you about your goals so we can personalize, strategize and accomplish the highest level PPC for you, tailored to your specific needs.



With in depth PPC knowledge and research, we craft the best strategy to put into action. We will examine your industry specific buyer’s journey and understand the most profitable strategy.



Our conversion designers don’t have to reinvent the wheel, cased on all of our research they will be able to create highly specific landing pages that convert at an industry leading rate.


Ongoing Optimization

We will continue to test and optimize because good can always get better. Our weekly PPC deliverables ensure your account is getting the attention it deserves.


Revenue Based Reporting

You will receive regular reports to fully understand you return on ad spend. This way you know that each advertising dollar was a dollar well spent. 

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