The Window to Recovery team is an assembly of talented digital marketing professionals focusing on the healthcare industry in Costa Mesa, California. Our work is motivated by passion and our team of experts is highly passionate about everything that we do. From digital strategy and web design to SEO and social media campaigns, we help rehabilitation centers develop their digital profiles and accomplish their business goals. We understand how we can help companies ethically source clients while driving down the costs by optimizing their current online marketing strategies.

At Window to Recovery, we boast happy clients across all areas of the healthcare and behavioral health sector, and we are thankful for all of their trust and contributions. We are especially grateful those who have taken the time to speak with Clutch.co about us and leave us a review. Clutch is a B2B reviews and ratings site based in Washington, D.C. that not only allows us to show off our industry knowledge and experience, but they provide a platform for us to hear feedback from clients in order to connect and grow as a company.

While Clutch is dynamic and always taking new profiles and reviews for their research, only the most successful companies compete for the top of their rankings of digital marketing agencies. Even though reviews form the backbone of their research methodology, they also integrate other factors of a company’s success into their evaluations, such as companies’ past and current clientele, work projects and case studies, and market presence as shown by their website and social media channels.

As one of the leading internet marketing companies in Los Angeles in the healthcare sector, we boast a strong portfolio of past and current clientele. We have already started to gather some excellent reviews from our clients on our profile.

One client, the CEO of a healthcare billing company, told Clutch, “We’re making money from their services and the ROI is incredible. They do exactly what they say they’re going to do. If they tell me that they’re going to make a change on the website—a margin, or banner, a logo—I don’t even need to check because I know it’s going to be done. That really sets them apart from a lot of other providers. Consistency is key, and they’re consistently performing above my expectations.”

Another client, the admissions director for a local recovery center, commented, “They designed a smooth transitioning website with good functionality. We were prepared to stop online marketing altogether, but Preston delivered on his promise. Their services cost half of what we were spending before and produce twice as many leads. We’re really happy with the results.”

Thank you again to all of our clients and to Clutch, and we look forward to hearing more from you soon and completing even more amazing projects!

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